Organic Bamboo Duvet Covers

These Cariloha bamboo duvet covers are designed with comfort, beauty, and durability in mind. You can get one of our duvet cover sets that include everything you need for a comfortable, cozy, and refreshing night’s sleep. These organic covers feature soft and smooth fabric, hidden wooden button closures, and a variety of colors to match your room’s décor. Bamboo is odor and allergy resistant, durable, and soft. Bamboo naturally wicks away moisture and has thermal-regulating qualities. It’s also very breathable, which helps you stay comfortable all night long. Additionally, it’s an environmentally sustainable resource that allows us to provide high-quality products while minimizing our impact on the environment. At Cariloha, we use the best-quality bamboo and make sure that the final products always match your expectations. Start changing the way you sleep with these soft and comfortable modern duvet covers. We believe in these products and want you to experience them for yourself. We also offer a lifetime quality guarantee because we know these products can stand the test of time. Order your new bamboo duvet cover today and discover the bamboo-soft™ difference for yourself.