Knit Blankets

Plush Blankets


At Cariloha, you can find a wide range of plush, bamboo blankets that are warm, comfortable, and easy to care for. Choose from throws and knit throws in different colors and patterns to match your home’s décor and feel cozy and comfortable all year round. The traditional throw blankets feature quilt batting in the interior core and a plush-pile fabric that provides a natural weight that will feel cozier in the winter while remaining just as soft and supple as any other luxury blanket. Our knit throw blankets have thermal-regulating properties that make them ideal for use in any season. They’re beautiful, warm, and exceed the softness of cashmere. The pleasant colors make it a great addition to any room. Why Does Bamboo Make a Great Organic Blanket? Bamboo is a natural resource that’s grown in abundance in a very sustainable way. This means that, first and foremost, we can produce a bamboo blanket in an earth-friendly manner. Bamboo material is odor and allergy resistant, softer than cotton or cashmere throws (and available at a much better price), and wicks away moisture. These organic blankets are also easy to care for – simply machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low. We want to ensure that you get the best products that remain comfortable and cozy for years to come. Take a look at our current selection and get your new, soft